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Cybertek Wings turn women into hot looking X-men

Posted in Accessories by Conner Flynn on August 14th, 2008

Cybertek Wings turn women into hot looking X-men
If Professor Xavier were wheeling down the street and saw a young lady sporting these wings, she’d be enrolled in his school for the gifted quicker then Wolverine can flick his claws. I have to say, these wings look striking and almost sexual in a geek sort of way thanks to the great pics.

The wings are made of carbon fiber and extruded aluminum and the light on the wingtips can be customized in red, green, yellow, purple, or white. Apparently the wings can extend or retract 7 times before the air pressure has to be recharged. That will take 5-10 minutes. For $1,000 they can be yours. I’m hoping that this catches on and women start flying around looking extra hot, donning their wings as fashion accessories and swooping down to snatch up unsuspecting men like a hawk. That would make me happy.

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