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AKAT-1 analog computer

Posted in Computers by Conner Flynn on August 24th, 2008

AKAT-1 analog computerWith all of the latest tech news we give you day in and day out, sometimes it’s nice to take a look into the past and honor the devices that paved the way for todays gadgets. This analog computer is known as the AKAT-1 and it can solve complex differential equations in real time and without digital logic.

But it’s a victim of time passing by, and now resides in the Museum of Technology, in Warsaw, Poland. You’ll notice it sports a very warm and stunning retro look. It has character. I mean it obviously belongs in a Trek ship, with Spock feeding it data. And yet by many it has been forgotten. We here at the Brick would love to have it in the offices, but our intern would just mess it up. Here’s to you AKAT-1.


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