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Zero-Gee workstation for sleeping on the blog

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on July 21st, 2008

Zero-Gee workstation for sleeping on the blog
I’d like you to meet my new chair. It’s not a smart chair. It’s the Zero-Gee Ergonomic workstation and by the looks of it, you’ll do a ton of resting and get very little work done. It’s got almost everything you need built in. Like a computer monitor, keyboard, swing out tray thing for your drinks and snacks. About the only thing missing is an onboard toilet, but I guess you can get up for that chore.

Ahhh, a blogger’s dream come true. I could have a little siesta between every article. Doesn’t it make you sleepy just looking at it? Unfortunately, the reality is that not many people are going to pay an outrageous price when you can just park yourself on the couch with your laptop.


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