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Starpex Guitar Controller Rocks Rock Band and Guitar Hero

Posted in Controllers,Games by Shane McGlaun on July 16th, 2008

Starpex Guitar ControllerMusic games are huge right now and the popularity of the games has music labels and bands rushing to get their tracks into games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Another big market for music games is for aftermarket controllers to replace the generally junky ones that ship with titles like Rock Band.

Perhaps the coolest guitar controller ever for the PS2 and PS3 consoles has been announced by Peak Products. The controller is called the Starpex and it offers complete functionality in both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Starpex is made from real wood by a leading maker of real guitars and has lots of optimization for serious gaming.

Starpex has a button to activate Overdrive/Star Power as well as a tilt sensor that activates the power like OEM controllers. The whammy bar is optimized for durability and feel. The strum bar provides audible feedback and the wooden neck has ten fret buttons with buttons high on the neck for solos. The controller can connect wirelessly or with a 15-foot USB cable. Pricing for the controller is $179.95 and will be available in August.


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