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Limited Edition Simpsons iPods

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on July 22nd, 2008

Limited Edition Simpsons iPods
Crazy about the Simpsons, aren’t you? Your wife probably has a tall blue beehive and your youngest can’t stop sucking on her pacifier, right? You tell your religious neighbor to shut up all the time. Well, I’ve got something that will fit right into your life that you probably don’t have. A limited edition Simpsons iPod.

They come in several sizes with your choice of three different custom engravings on the back. You can get the Bart Sk8 logo, Homer saying D’Oh! and a Homer Tested insignia. They come in iPod Classic in 160 or 80GB, iPod Nano in 8 or 4GB, iPod Shuffle in 2 or 1GB and the iPod Touch in 32, 16 or 8GB. Each is limited to only 2000 units and are numbered. I’m a little disappointed that there’s no comic book guy.

[Simpsons shop]

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