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Wood WWII Radio with iPod dock

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on June 2nd, 2008

Wood WWII Radio with iPod dock
Think you’ve seen it all in iPod docks? Think again. This thing packs a ton of WW2 nostalgia in a wood case, while also letting your iPod in on some 1940′s action. It blends the old with the new pretty nicely. It looks a bit more modern on top, while the bottom half resembles a period airplane cockpit.

It’s from the folks over at spiritofstlouis.co.uk, where you can find many such nostalgic radios with today’s technology inside. In addition to holding your iPod, this radio is a 3 Band radio with CD Player that can be powered by batteries or electric. Being a fairly unique item, it sells for £299.99.

[spiritofstlouis.co.uk] VIA [Chipchick]

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