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Singulum wooden notebooks sport ivory & gold keyboards

Posted in Notebooks by Conner Flynn on June 4th, 2008

Singulum wooden notebooks sport ivory & gold keyboards
German manufacturer Singulum, has some new luxury notebooks with cases made of high quality wood. The sort of high-end wood that you would normally find on violins. They’re available with ivory and 24 carat solid gold keyboards. The whole Richie Rich luxury design is nice sure, but they also have some advanced tech specs like a core 2 duo processor, Windows Vista, Ehternet, DVD recordable (dual layer) with a 15.4inch screen.

It’s all hand made from one block of wood, and every piece is apparently processed with a special production tool, making each notebook unique. I don’t know. I think the violin probably looks better in this particular wood. But if you have money to blow and really need to show off, you don’t care what I think, so go ahead and buy your tacky overpriced notebook.


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