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Retro Duo NES & SNES emulator

Posted in Nintendo by Conner Flynn on June 25th, 2008

Retro Duo NES & SNES emulator
Some of us have an obsession with Classic Nintendo games, more specifically the NES and SNES systems. But a lot of nerds gamers don’t like to use their actual precious cartridges since they reside in a shrine somewhere in their mother’s closet. If that’s the case, this will do the trick.

It is both a NES and SNES emulator in one butt ugly console, that will play most titles and Super Famicom games. Plus it’s compatible with the original SNES controllers. Features standard AV RCA sockets,S-Video, and Famicom cartridges will work without adaptors. They’re working on original NES controllers and a light gun to work, too. It will cost you $45.99.


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