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Modular Table Tennis system: Manage-a-tennis

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on June 25th, 2008

Modular Table Tennis system: Manage-a-tennis
I don’t get a chance to play table tennis all that often, but chances are I would kick your ass. At least until I had a few drinks, at which point I’m liable to start pushing tables together and get more people in on the game. My drinking aside, that’s sort of the idea behind the Table Tennis Triples, a modular Table tennis system.

It’s developer Guenter Arndt wanted a way for three people to play simultaneously on a circular table. It allows 1-12 or more players to play. It all adds up to reduced waiting times, greater shot range and a fairer scoring system. The prototype system has already won an international patent and soon you’ll probably be able to buy this at a local sports store. It’s not your father’s Tennis Table.

[Next Big Thing] VIA [Gizmowatch]

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