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McIntosh cranks out five expensive new components

Posted in Home Theater by Nino Marchetti on June 2nd, 2008

McIntosh MC2301

Audiophile specialist McIntosh Laboratory has just unloaded a flotilla of new high end (i.e. pricey) components for the “price is no object” home theater. The one we picture above, for example, is the MC2301 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier, priced at around $11,000. That’s right, $11k.

Full details on this vacuum tube piece of audio equipment and four other new McIntosh releases are found after the jump.

McIntosh Laboratory Announces Availability of Five New Home Entertainment Products

McIntosh Laboratory, a world leader in high-quality home entertainment systems for nearly 60 years, recently announced that five of its state-of-the-art components, including three powerful amplifiers, a leading-edge center-channel loudspeaker and an SACD/CD player, are all now available at McIntosh® authorized dealers.

Amplifiers Designed for Unmatched Performance:

The 300-watt MC2301 Vaccuum Tube Power Amplifier (MSRP: $11,000) is McIntosh’s first fully-balanced tube amplifier, providing impeccable audio performance. The unit’s balanced inputs provide a low-noise input path and can be selected by a rear panel switch. Gold plated 5-way binding posts are available for 2, 4, and 8-ohm speakers, as well as one extra common pair of balanced inputs for use with McIntosh’s Reference Series C1000 preamp. With a signal-to-noise ratio of better than -117 dB the MC2301 offers the highest performance of any McIntosh tube amplifier.

Designed to deliver a continuous 250 watts per channel, the MA7000 Integrated Amplifier (MSRP: $8,000) is the most powerful integrated amplifier McIntosh has ever offered. The MA7000 supports seven inputs, including two balanced and four single-ended inputs as well as a low noise moving magnet phono input. Two sets of switched balanced preamplifier outputs are provided for easy system expansion. A McIntosh designed 5-band equalizer guarantees the range of adjustment necessary to extract the maximum sound quality from a wide variety of audio sources and software.

The MA6600 Integrated Amplifier (MSRP: $6,000) is uniquely designed to deliver unprecedented flexibility and performance in a wide variety of home entertainment system configurations. With a potent 200 Watt per channel autoformer-coupled amplifier, McIntosh spared no expense in creating the MA6600, which combines no-compromise build materials with many of today’s most advanced sonic technologies and engineering to create a unique, Integrated Amplifier with a host of leading-edge performance and convenience features. The addition of an optional AM/FM/HD Radio tuner module enables the MA6600 to become the first stereo receiver offered by McIntosh in over 15 years.

XCS1K: A No-Compromise Audio Experience
The latest addition to its acclaimed McIntosh XRT Series of luxury-class loudspeakers, the XCS1K Center Channel Loudspeaker (MSRP: $17,500) contains a full-range line array based system designed to match the company’s enormously popular XRT1K floor-standing loudspeaker. The XCS1K achieves its stunning acoustical performance characteristics by combining today’s most advanced loudspeaker technologies with ahead-of-the-curve acoustical engineering concepts. Two 10-inch LD/HP woofers are housed in a custom extruded aluminum, asymmetrical bass enclosure. The arc-array is suspended in front, housing 32 2-inch inverted titanium dome midrange drivers and twenty ¾-inch titanium dome tweeter drivers. The multiple drivers greatly enhance power handling and lower distortion. The extremely low moving-mass of the tweeter elements extends system response to 45 kHz. The design exhibits wide bandwidth and is phase coherent within the audio band for a non-fatiguing sound, a McIntosh hallmark.

SACD Player to Meet the Demands of the Most Discriminating Audiophiles
Utilizing a multi-bit PCM/DSD D-to-A Converter, the MCD301 SACD/CD Player (MSRP: $4,500) yields 24 Bit PCM resolution with a wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion, reproducing all the nuance of musical performance at any level and with extreme precision. For total user flexibility and convenience, the MCD301 may be used three ways. First as a normal two-channel CD player using the fixed balanced or unbalanced outputs. Secondly the MCD301 can be used in a disc-only system to directly drive any power amp using the variable balanced and unbalanced outputs. Volume may be adjusted from the handheld remote or the front panel volume control. Thirdly, the MCD301 may be used to drive headphones in a standalone personal system. The front panel mute switch mutes the rear panel outputs when headphone use only is desired.

About McIntosh Laboratory
In an era where the rate of change is as amazing as the changes themselves, McIntosh continues to represent high performance, superlative engineering and limitless pride of ownership. State-of-the-art technology infused with hand craftsmanship and the details McIntosh is famous for continue to be the key values found in every piece of equipment. Products built to last for decades of flawless performance demand nothing less than an equal level of commitment to customer support and service as well. Its no wonder satisfied customers the world over view their McIntosh products as investments worthy of being passed down through generations. McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. is a D&M Holdings company.

McIntosh Laboratory [via eCoustics]

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