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Mask Of Emotion: Never trust a robot head

Posted in Humor by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2008

Mask Of Emotion: Never trust a robot head
In some sort of apocalyptic robot future, we may all be required to wear one of these to hide our identities. I call the name Mr. Roboto. It’s kind of like the emoticon version of the Micheal Myers mask, whether your just cold chillin’ at the park with your dog or stabbing somebody senselessly, it’s all creepy on the outside. It’s a research project from the Digital Media Design department at Hongik University in Korea.

The idea is to hide your facial expressions so people can’t see your emotions. Those around you won’t see your face, just the LEDs of death, that form emoticons. The default setting is no expression at all, but as you interact, the display will smile etc. Imagine a few people on your street wearing these while going about their daily business. Now imagine the entire street full of them. An entire town. I’m too creeped out to continue, but the point is that you WILL see a few with an axe or a machete.

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