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JORDY Magnification headset

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on June 12th, 2008

JORDY Magnification headsetYou know Scott Summers, the dude from the X-Men? Yeah, this is his grandmother. Apparently, they share the same mutant gene, resulting in cyclops eyewear. Actually, this is the JORDY. (Joint Optical Reflective Display) A head-mounted magnifier from Enhanced Vision that let’s those with poor vision see objects at a distance. Great for race tracks and the like, making granny really stand out in her final years.

The thing has 4 viewing modes, full-color, black and white, high-contrast positive and negative. A 30x magnification, but you can get 50x with the optional desktop, auto-focus with digital zoom too. The name was clearly inspired by Geordi LaForge, the visor wearing Enterprise crew member. That being the case, you’d think they could have streamlined this thing a bit.


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