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Fugliest MP3 player ever is a real dog

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on June 18th, 2008

Fugliest MP3 player ever is a real dogWhen it comes to MP3 design, you’re generally more concerned with things like what features it has, or whether it’s slim enough and has enough memory. With this one you’re concerned that it’s fugly little face might come alive and kill you quickly. This is the CJ7 Dog Doll MP3 Player with Built-in Speakers and yes, it seems like the crack pipe was passed around liberally at the design meeting that day.

It looks like a flower humped a tiny dog and the two mutated together. It has 1GB of internal memory, built in speaker and charges through the USB port, which is in the dog’s butt. The headphone jack is in the front. It’s $18.67 worth of wtf.


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