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Disney Innovention Dream Home is geek heaven

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on June 19th, 2008

Disney Innovention Dream Home is geek heaven
The new Disney Innoventions Dream Home features tons of high-tech candy inside that would make any self-respecting geek wet his pants. The home is for show and to showcase everything within, offering you a hands-on experience with lots of awesome emerging technologies. Actors will be playing the fictional Elias family, equipped with RFID tags, so that when they enter a room, different lighting will be displayed, while soundtracks play.

It’s also got dozens of LCD picture frames networked, that will display different pictures based on who walks into the room. How about a magic mirror in the daughter’s room that puts virtual outfits on the user in real time? The younger son’s room has two projectors plus a bunch of automation to make the story of Peter Pan come alive (a canon even fires virtual projectiles at the wall). Sounds like you would never grow up living in that house.

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