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Turn your car exhaust into a flamethrower

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on May 22nd, 2008

Turn your car exhaust into a flamethrower
We all want to get some attention when driving in our vehicles. You know it’s true and I know it’s true. That’s what flashy sports cars and hot-rods are all about. Well, here is an upgrade that will definitely get you some attention the next time you’re sitting at a red light.

Now, no one should think for a minute that shooting 20-foot flames from the back of your car is street legal. I’m pretty sure they frown on that sort of thing. Just install the Autoloc Flame Thrower to your exhaust, press the button on the remote and flame away. The site says these are for off-road use only, not that you care what some pencil pusher says. Kits start at $125 for a single exhaust system.

[Hoffman group] VIA [Ohgizmo]

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