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The remote-controlled Blooming Bidet

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 14th, 2008

The remote-controlled Blooming Bidet
It’s true that most toilets in Japan have built-in bidets, but I’m guessing that not many of those are equipped with a remote control. The Blooming Bidet is, adding some elegance and allowing you to have full control over the toilet experience. That includes full control of the water spray intensity as well as the hot air aimed at your behind.

Thank God it has a huge Stop button. If this thing goes berserk and starts treating your privates badly, you can just hit it to get things under control again. Flushing is automatic, that’s why there’s no Flush button. It might have been a good idea to add one for the occasional logjam. It also has a LED underwater nightlight, a pressure sensor and integrated controls located near the right thigh.

[NCM] VIA [Gizmodo]

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