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Stimulus payment questions answered = more gadgets

Posted in Green by Darrin Olson on May 5th, 2008

Stimulus payment questions answered on Wealthy ReaderOften the most sought-after gadgets are a little on the spendy side, and to help out a little with your consumer electronics addiction the IRS has started issuing Stimulus Payment checks recently. The event has raised seemingly numerous questions from tax payers wondering mostly how much their check is going to be and of course when it’s going to arrive. You can find answers to these and a whole lot of other questions at our sister website, WealthyReader.com.

Chris over at WealthyReader has been working overtime answering questions about timelines, amounts, what account the checks are going to actually deposit into, child support and more. A good point to start at is the Stimulus Payment Index. Once you get it figured out you can come back here and I’m sure we’ll have found something worthy of blowing your new found money on.

Wealthy Reader

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