Sony announces release dates for PlayTV

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on May 8th, 2008

Sony announces release dates for PlayTV
SONY just announced release dates for the long-awaited PlayTV add-on for the PS3 and Go!View video service for the PSP. PlayTV will allow the PS3’s hard drive to record TV shows thanks to it’s dual TV tuners. The included software has a 7-day programming guide, and recorded programs can be viewed remotely over Wi-Fi or transferred to the PSP.

SONY’s Go!View video service for the PSP will be subscription-based or on a pay-per-view system. Users can download TV content to their PSP from a dedicated website.

PlayTV is $154 or £79 when it launches in the UK this September. The Go!View service will launch in the UK on June 30 as well as in Ireland and France, with no pricing details revealed yet.


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