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Smartchair will ease your aching back

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 27th, 2008

Smartchair will ease your aching back
We have all kinds of other smart devices so why not a smart chair? Most computer chairs are anything but friendly. Maybe that’s because they lack brains. This concept Smartchair Biofeedback Computer Chair is not just futuristic looking, it also features lots of embedded sensors, an adjustable seating pad for your backside, plus a backpad and headrest that adjusts to your movement.

By adjusting to you, you get the maximum comfort possible. Normally it’s just the opposite, you having to conform to the chair. This new approach means less backaches and better health in general. It doesn’t end there as the chair also has a touchscreen unit that lets you make adjustments yourself. You know, if you’re a control freak or just don’t trust technology. Kinda looks like a chair Captain Kirk would be right at home in.


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