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Fake TV scares intruders by flashing colors

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 20th, 2008

Fake TV scares intruders by flashing colors
Many people like to leave the TV on when they leave the house. The idea is that any potential burglars will see the flashing light of the TV and think that someone is home, making them pass that house up. Here’s an invention that serves the same purpose, without having to keep your TV powered on.

The $49 FakeTV uses an array of colored, flashing LEDs to create the illusion of the stroboscopic effect of the television. The bonus here, since you are obviously paranoid about burglars, is that the box uses only a fraction of the electricity of a real TV.

Of course, now burglars are going to be hip to this and it won’t help at all. Sorry.

[TVsnob] VIA [Technabob]

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