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Brand your food With a BBQ branding iron

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 3rd, 2008

Brand your food With a BBQ branding iron
Sometimes grilling a perfect steak isn’t enough. You want to make your mark and let them know who grilled that juicy piece of cow flesh. That will impress your friends. All you need is this customizable BBQ Branding Iron.

This BBQ Branding Iron includes a set of 55 interchangeable aluminum letters and 8 blank spaces for spelling out almost anything. That gives you many possibilities. For instance, how many teenaged girl’s asses have you seen with the word “Juicy” on them? Put that on a steak and it’s not only a funny joke, but very appropriate. To create a new message just slide the letters into the tracks. AFTER it has cooled.

[BBQ Branding Iron] VIA [Ohgizmo]

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