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The BirdXPeller Pro bird repeller

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on April 8th, 2008

The BirdXPeller Pro bird repeller
It used to be that when those loud ass birds assault your ears at the butt-crack of dawn, you’d have to get out the shotgun, take a shot through your window, and upon the sweet sound of silence, go back to sleep and save the glass cleanup till you get up at noon. Not anymore though. For one thing it’s not socially acceptable to kill small animals. Use the BirdXPeller Pro bird repeller instead.

It won’t kill all the birds. It just repels them by emitting different noises that make them believe a predator is near. It will scare off birds within one acre. Three different types of the BirdXPeller Pro frighten away different birds. $239.

[Forevergeek] VIA [Slashgear]

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