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Slingshot to launch pre-paid wireless Internet service

Posted in Wi-Fi by Shane McGlaun on April 3rd, 2008

SlingshotThe last notebook I bought was a Dell XPS M1330. Part of the reason I opted for that machine was that I could get a Verizon wireless broadband modem inside the machine. The reason I wanted Verizon was that they would allow me to pay a day rate to use the wireless Internet service rather than paying $70 a month for something I would use a few times per year at most.

I have always wondered why if we can have pre-paid cellular phone service, we can’t have pre-paid wireless Internet? I guess I wasn’t the only who wondering about that, today Slingshot announced that it would be launching a wireless broadband pre-pay service in the US starting in June 2008.

The service sounds just like a pre-paid phone plan with not credit checks or contracts required. The price for the service is said to be 6-8 cents per minute, which is pretty expensive. That makes the service more than Verizon’s day rate of $15 if you plan to use the service for an extended period. However, if all you need is a few minutes here and there throughout the day to check email the Slingshot plan may be pretty good.