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Pioneer headlight shoes rock LEDs & kinetic energy

Posted in Foot Apparel by Conner Flynn on April 2nd, 2008

Pioneer headlight shoes rock LEDs & kinetic energy
Here’s another thing that we were promised in the then “future”. Shoes with headlights. These funky looking Pioneer shoes are from designers Feijun Chen & Bin Zhao. Not only will they illuminate your path, but the batteries are charged by the kinetic energy of your steps. The LEDs are bright enough to light up an area about five feet in front of you, so you can make like a spirit and perpetually head toward said light.

There’s also a green tail light in back. Great idea for safety reasons alone. For one thing cars will see you clearly and thus avoid killing you, for another it might help you avoid obstacles in your path that might otherwise plant your face in the dirt.

[Yanko Design] VIA [Dvice]

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