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Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on April 21st, 2008

Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller
Here’s the perfect way to look like a dork while scaring off pesky varmints from your property. The Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller looks like a megaphone because it is a megaphone. It might have been cooler if they actually made it look like a gun, but they wanted to laugh at those who use it. To use it, just point it at the cat, bird, dog, squirrel or other critter and pull the trigger. An ultrasonic signal that’s undetectable to the human ear will scare off the animal from up to 65 feet away. It may take a few blasts before the animal gets the hint, but they will leave you alone.

It even has a laser sight that’s activated when you pull the trigger, so that you know the signal is being aimed in the right direction. Interestingly, it can also be switched to a sonic signal that can be heard by humans. That way, those damn kids can get the hell off your lawn.

[Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller] VIA [Crave]

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