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iPhone Bike Mount: watch movies from your ambulance

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on April 30th, 2008

iPhone Bike Mount: watch movies from your ambulance
I can understand wanting some tunes while riding your bike. But watching movies while you pedal away is probably not a great idea. The up side is, you’ll have something to do while the EMTs are trying to untangle your legs from your bike spokes.

Obviously, the iPhone Bike Mount is not going to improve your life. All it can really do is foreshadow your asphalt demise as your eyes are always drawn to your beautiful gadget. This particular form of assisted suicide will only cost you $14.99. And when you reach those pearly gates and they ask you what the last thing you saw was, you can tell them it was Desperate Housewives. It’s so pathetic that you might actually get a second chance. Maybe.

[usbfever] VIA [redferret]

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