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X-mini Capsule speakers lose the wires

Posted in Speakers by Darrin Olson on March 22nd, 2008

Wireless X-mini capsule speakers from XM-I.I have to admit that we thought these little X-mini speakers from Singapore’s XM-I were pretty nifty to begin with, but now XM-I says the speakers are going wireless. The X-mini’s are small (around 52mm wide) speakers that can fit in your pocket and be used to pump out the sound to share from your PMP.

When you want to use the speakers, they will pop open accordion-style and product sound with a special bass chamber through a high-fidelity 2.4W speaker. Now, with a limited amount of power we really can’t imagine the X-mini will really be pumping a whole lot of sound, and a wireless version would probably have even less juice but they are still a pretty neat solution.

The wireless X-mini Capsule speakers aren’t available quite yet but according to Crave XM-I has them in the works. There was also no word on pricing or what type of wireless technology is used but our guess would have to be Bluetooth and of course something more than the $32 they charge for the original X-mini’s.


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