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WashUP: A washing machine on your toilet

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on March 20th, 2008

WashUP: A washing machine on your toilet
I bet you never pictured this in your bathroom. The WashUP concept puts a washing machine directly on top of your toilet. The idea here is recycling. No one really cares where the water that you use for flushing comes from, after all. When the washing cycle is complete, the water that just cleaned your clothes is stored in a reservoir where it will be used again to flush the toilet. It’s a pretty ingenious way to conserve water and get twice the use out of a given amount.

One selling point is that the washing machine is higher off the ground, so it’s easier on your back as you load and unload clothing. Plus, this is good for apartment dwellers who don’t have room for a typical washing machine. I assume it can’t back up and filth up your clothes.


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