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Use a USB warming mouse instead of fire

Posted in Mouse by Nino Marchetti on March 7th, 2008

warming-mouse.jpgA few weeks ago the heater broke here in part of the office and the women wisely decided to move to a warmer part of the building until it was fixed. Us men however toughed it out for two days until the problem was fixed. It sure would have gone by a lot easier though if we had this USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse ($23) to keep us going.

The USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse has an infrared red generator built inside which gradually warms up the mouse surface after being plugged into a USB port. It keeps the temperature at between 40°C ~ 45°C and can be turned off if, for example, your thumb’s skin starts to burn.

Beyond warming your hand this mouse does what a mouse does – 800dpi, buttons, etc. You really aren’t buying this to be just a mouse though – you want something to prove how stupid of a dude you really are.

USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse [via OhGizmo]

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