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Tattoos for your toilet seat

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2008

Tattoos for your toilet seat
For some reason, humans like to put their own unique stamp on everything so they can stand out. Just look at all the tech add-ons that personalize their gadgets. And after centuries of tattooing their bodies, it’s time to tattoo the ole crapper.

Toilet tattoos are printed on a plastic film that sticks electrostatically to your plastic seat lid. They can be easily removed and changed or cleaned. They offer a variety of patterns and images, including holiday themes, so you can change the look of your can to match the season. Personally, I would want the frogs one, but I would want the image to change automatically. They would start off as happy frogs, but after somebody does their business and adds a few logs to the pond, the frogs would keel over and fall off their branch. Then when the smell dissipates, they would be happy again. See, it’s not only pretty, but kinda like a refuse radiation detector as well.

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