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Safety-Sponge system keeps you sponge free

Posted in Healthcare by Conner Flynn on March 26th, 2008

Safety-Sponge system keeps you sponge free
You would think that after years of fancy Doctor school, surgeons would know better then to sew you back up with say, a sponge or other equipment inside of you. These bozos are basically using their patients for mobile storage of their equipment. At least we can now do something about the sponges. The idea is that every single sponge has to be accounted for. You can’t rely on nurses to manually count the sponges before and after an operation. They’re too busy admiring and having sex with Doctor Hunk to give a toss.

Rely instead on the Safety-Sponge system from SurgiCount. It uses special bar codes printed on every sponge that are scanned into a PocketPC computer before and after they’re used. Because every single sponge has a unique bar code, the system even alerts the operating room staff if the same sponge has been scanned twice. So now you know. There is no longer any reason for these quacks to leave sponges inside of you. Other tools are still fair game, though. Like those tweezers in your abdomen.

[Surgicount] VIA [Ohgizmo]

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