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Imation jumps into the SSD business

Posted in Storage by Shane McGlaun on March 11th, 2008

Imation SSD

Most geeks can understand the allure of a SSD drive with much faster data access, read and write speeds. What most geeks can’t get behind is the huge price premium you pay for the SSD when compared to a traditional hard drive and the amount of storage space you give up.

Today a typical hard drives in a computer are at least 80GB, even in tiny ultra portable systems. If you opt for a SSD you typically get 32MB, though some larger SSD drives are available like the 832 GB BiTMICRO SSD from CES 2008.

Imation has decided to jump into the SSD market with drives powered by Mtron, which means they are really just Mtron SSDs with an Imation sticker slapped on them. Imation will offer two SSDs, one called the MOBI 3000 aimed at consumers and promising random access speeds of 0.1ms, read speed of 100MB/sec and a write speed of 80MB/sec. A faster version aimed at enterprise use called the PRO 7000 will sport the same random access time and a read speed of 120MB/sec and a write speed of 90MB/sec. They are still expensive with the 3000 selling for $699.99 and the 7000 sells for $1159.99 and both have paltry 32GB storage capacities.


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