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“Sport” Vii 2 Wii rip-off video review

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on February 7th, 2008

“Sport” Vii 2
The cheap knock-off game console market seems to be high gear lately, what with the Polystation 3 and px-3600 console. We first told you about the Vii back in October. Well, it looks like our british friend who reviewed the Polystation, just got himself a KenSingTon Sport Vii 2.

You can watch his video review after the jump and explore the strange bizzarro world of crap knock-offs. Among the games on the GBA type cartridge, are a few that involve some sort of mutated rabbits. And as bad as these rip-offs are, you have to admit that they at least provided some color on the Vii-mote unlike Nintendo’s white. Though it does resemble some sort of weird long squid.


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