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Smallest paper Nintendo DS even has tiny game

Posted in Designs by Darrin Olson on February 3rd, 2008

Tiny Nintendo DS Lite design made out of paperSomeone with a combined love of Nintendo’s DS and craft projects created with paper, not to mention some skills, has created what we believe to be the smallest replica of the Nintendo DS Lite. The little DS measures just 1.4 inches at its longest point and SonicScape Jun, the creator, even took the time to make a Nintendodgos game cartridge that actually fits in. The top also opens to reveal the double screens via a toothpick powered hinge.

From looking at the photos it appears that some incredible attention to detail and time was taken to make this little DS lite, but the maker of this paper design created a DIY video showing how you can make your own inside of 90 minutes with just scissors, pen knife, glue and this template. We’re thinking there is also an undisclosed prerequisite of skill that would significantly increase this time for most of us.

via Technabob

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