Sony launches voice recorders with MP3

Posted in Voice Recorders by Darrin Olson on February 26th, 2008

Sony UX Series Voice Recorders record MP3 in stereoSony has officially launched a new line of multi-purpose voice recorders that we had heard about last month, of which Sony is bragging up with words like “Hybrid” and “Swiss Army knife of digital recorders”. While we think these descriptions might be a slight stretch, we also can’t deny they that the new UX series of recorders have some impressive features (for a voice recorder).

The ICD-UX70 and ICD-UX80 records will pick up voice like many others, but will also record direct into an MP3 format, not unlike many media players launching these days. It allows you to record music in stereo and transfer the MP3s to a PC or Mac to edit up or just listen to later on. Owners can also listen to downloaded MP3s on the player through headphones and view the artist and album info with the built-in ID3 tagging.

The ICD-UX80 comes with 2GB of flash memory internal which will give just over 580 hours of regular voice recordings (that’s over 24 days straight if you’re counting) or 36 hours of stereo MP3 recording at 128 kbps with a retail price of $150. The ICD-UX70 drops the price by $50 and keeps the same features but cuts the storage in half with 1GB.



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