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mpion: the MP3 player that fights acne

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on February 14th, 2008

mpion: the MP3 player that fights acne
Sure, the world has seen it’s share of goofy MP3 players, but this one really takes the cake. The saying goes “There’s a sucker born every minute…”, but they should have added, “…And some will rub an MP3 player on their face like a Norelco razor”.

The mpion actually claims to fight acne by releasing positively and negatively charged ions, which supposedly neutralize breakouts. It will cost you $184 and only holds 128 megabytes of music, so I’m thinking this is a last resort for the seriously desperate, angst ridden type, who has a terminal case of crater-face. Keep rubbing my friend. Who says wishes can’t come true, if you just believe. I can’t figure out why a young and thin Rosanne Barr is pictured using this.

[Wired] VIA [Dvice]

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