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PLDS Lite-On EZ-DUB external burner

Posted in Burner by Conner Flynn on February 26th, 2008

PLDS Lite-On EZ-DUB external burner
This external burner from PLDS (Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions) makes the act of copying or backing up files to a CD or DVD very easy, so that anyone can do it. There are two touch sensitive buttons labeled DUB and FILE on the top of the burner. The FILE button brings up an application on your PC that looks like a large EZ-DUB icon. Just drag files directly onto this icon and they will be added to the “burn” queue. When you’re done you just hit the FILE button, insert a blank disc in the tray and it will burn what you just told it to burn.

You can get the EZ-DUB for $80. Duplicating a DVD or CD is just as easy. Maybe even easier. If you’re sick of people calling on you to do the job, this should help. Anyone can do it.

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