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Tag & release your toddler with a tracking system

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on February 19th, 2008

Tag & release your toddler with tracking system
The In-Reach Child Tracking System will let you tag and release your rugrat into the yard. One part of the device is attached to your kid and tracks his or her proximity to a 10- to 300-foot boundary that the parent has determined. The other part of the device is carried by the parent. This shows where the child is at all times. The child unit has a panic button (Prepare to be summoned for every little thing thanks to this aspect.). It will cost you $44.95.

Despite the fact that it seems like the Panic button could be abused by the child, this gadget should give you some peace of mind. I imagine this would also be good for caretakers who care for mentally handicapped people or the elderly.

[In-Reach Child Tracker] VIA [Red Ferret]

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