деньги в займ на карту

Win a pair of carpet skates

Posted in Contests by Conner Flynn on February 29th, 2008

carpet skates
If you love indoor horseplay and want the ability to slide on your carpet like an ice skater, now’s your chance to get a pair of these carpet skates from Fun Slides. It used to be that you could only slide with socks and a smooth floor. Not anymore. Now you can slide across a carpet with ease. Think of all the trouble you can get into. Think of all the breakables. Just try not to get into too much trouble. The skates have a friction resistant and foam foot grip. Just strap them onto your shoes and slide with ease. They come in 6 colors.

The rules are simple: Leave a comment below, giving us an idea of what you would do with these. Be original. For instance, if you want to use these to zip across the carpet and steal the remote, or if want to hold your own carpet olympics, let us know. The funniest comments win. Comment before midnight on March 14th. The 5 funniest comments win and get a pair of carpet skates. The winners will be contacted by email. U.S. residents only.


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