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CES 2008

Spykee Cell Bluetooth Robot

Posted in Bluetooth,CES 2008,iPhone,iPhone Accessories,Mobile Accessories,Robots by Conner Flynn on January 9th, 2008

Spykee Cell Bluetooth Robot
Here’s another Spykee robot to go along with your Spykee Vox and the Spykee Miss. I won’t comment on what it looks like he is doing to that iPhone from behind, that’s his business.

The Spykee Cell is another build-it-yourself robot from Meccano. It’s remote controlled via Bluetooth from a cellphone and can move and snap pictures, then transmit them back to your cellphone for storage. The loudspeaker module gives it the capability of becoming a hands-free set, if you want to speak and hear through the robot.

Still, judging by the picture, I’m not sure I would want this robot having his way with my phone. Get a room already.