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Blik Wi-Fi Clock Radio gets FM and streaming audio

Posted in Clocks,Wi-Fi by Darrin Olson on January 26th, 2008

Revo bLik Wi-Fi radioRevo, a British radio maker, launched the Blik Wi-Fi clock radio late last year providing a clock radio that can pick up local FM stations or over 6,000 internet radio stations around the world. The device connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi connection and will list the internet radio stations alphabetically organized by country or music genre.

The Blik can also stream in audio content from the digital audio stored on a PC or Mac through the Wi-Fi network, and can connect directly to an iPod providing simple speakers for your player through the Blik M-port. And of course it works as a clock radio with an alarm, waking you up to your favorite local or internet radio station. It also features a wireless infra-red remote, a jack for headphones and an interesting design that comes in black or white.

Revo has these Blik Wi-Fi radios for sale now retailing for a little under $200.

Revo Blik Wi-Fi Radio via Red Ferret Journal

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