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R2D2 Peppermill combines droids with spice

Posted in Home,Star Wars by Conner Flynn on January 31st, 2008

R2D2 Peppermill
Why on Earth(Or any other planet) would you use a plain old peppermill when you can use a Star Wars droid? You wouldn’t, and I don’t blame you.

After a hard day, when Lando and Han have cleaned you out at the poker table, come home to a nice dinner, knowing that this little guy will spice up your food. Just twist R2’s domed head and delicious freshly ground pepper will fall from his undercarriage. Just try not to think about the fact that you are eating something that fell out of a robot’s butt. Still, if that appeals to you, make like a Jawa and get an R2D2 Peppermill at ThinkGeek for $19.99. Just be careful. You may just end up with a hologram of Princess Leia in your mashed potatoes, telling you that you are her only hope.

[Thinkgeek] VIA [OhGizmo]

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