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CES 2008

Philips rolls out 7000 FlatTV series

Posted in CES 2008,LCD,Philips by Darrin Olson on January 14th, 2008

Philips 7000 line of FlatTV LCD HDTVLast week at CES 2008 Philips launched the new 7000 FlatTV series line of HDTV LCD’s, boasting a design look that promises to stand out from the sea of LCDs on the market today. The 7000 series comes in sized from 19 to 52 inches and offers some unique features such as rounded edges instead of the usual square corners, four HDMI 1.3a input ports and the absence of a front speaker grill in the bezel.

The 7000 FlatTV line has speakers on the back and pushes the sound through the acrylic frame around the TV to avoid having the speaker grill on the front. This Philips LCD also has the 120Hz ClearLCD technology with a 2ms response time and the HD Digital Motion which will actually estimate motion in some recorded movie content and insert its own “compensation frames” to keep the motion looking smoother. The sets of course also feature the LED Ambilight which produces a light behind the TV.

Philips says the 7000 FlatTV series should be available yet this spring and will range in price from $1799 – $2799 depending on the size.

Philips FlatTV