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New Skooba strap makes carrying cameras tolerable

Posted in Accessories,Digital Cameras,Skooba by Nino Marchetti on January 18th, 2008

Skooba Superbungee Shoulder StrapSkooba Design has unveiled a shoulder strap for cameras and binoculars which acts as a shock absorber to minimize carrying discomfort. It’s called the Skooba Superbungee Shoulder Strap and pricing is set at around $20.

Skooba says its new straps have a “sport-tuned suspension system” which consists of a floating bungee cord ring. It is this ring which acts as the absorber. Also built into the straps on the wearer side of the shoulder pad is “a flexible strip of individual, air-filled cells. The cells add to the shock absorption and comfort, and are covered in a friction laminate to help prevent slipping.”

The straps, which come in five different colors, fit any camera or binocular with standard, 3/8”/11mm strap slots, or it can be threaded to the split keyring-type connectors on older cameras. Strap length has an overall length adjustment range of 21-45 inches. The Skooba Superbungee Shoulder Strap is available now.

Skooba Superbungee Shoulder Strap