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MacWorld 2008

MacBook Air – ultraportable MacBook rumors

Posted in MacBook,MacWorld 2008,Rumors by Darrin Olson on January 15th, 2008

MacBook Air Ultraportable thin MacBook rumored from AppleAccording to Wired magazine, a insider to Apple who works at a third party vendor to the company got the “skinny” on the new super-thin ultraportable MacBook that we’ve been hearing rumors about. The MacWorld 2008 keynote speech is just hours away and according to his source Jobs will be announcing a very thin, wireless Apple notebook dubbed the MacBook Air due to it’s like of wires. Supposedly it will have no Ethernet port and rely solely on WiFi. It also will not come with any type of optical CD/DVD drive and could look something like the photoshopped design shown here. There were not details given on actual dimensions, price or real specs but more than likely we’ll get the real scoop later this morning.

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