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CES 2008

diNovo Mini from Logitech: a couch potato’s friend

Posted in CES 2008,Keyboards,Logitech by Nino Marchetti on January 5th, 2008

Logitech diNovo MiniSay you have your PC connected to your television. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small keyboard to help you control your PC entertainment? Logitech has your answer at CES – the new Logitech diNovo Mini, priced at around $150.

The Logitech diNovo Mini is a mini-keyboard which uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology to communicate with a linked PC. Through the diNovo Mini you can control Web and media functions like you were using a full keyboard. There’s a self described “ClickPad” which can be used either as a touch pad for mouse-like functions or as a directional pad to navigate and make selections. The ClickPad features as well two backlight modes.

Other features of this mini-keyboard include dedicated hotkeys for media players and Web browsers, page up and page down buttons, which allow people to scroll when surfing the Web as well as zoom in and out of documents and images and a row of media controls that allow people to adjust volume and easily play, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind. The Logitech diNovo Mini is expected late next month.

Logitech diNovo Mini