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The Palm Foleo is back: Celio Redfly SIS

Posted in Mobile Phones,PDAs by Conner Flynn on January 3rd, 2008

Celio Redfly SIS

The Palm Foleo was a small laptop that was severely panned, belittled and put down when it was first announced. It’s image was so bad that Palm killed it before it could be released, hiding it away like abused child it was. As happens sometimes, another company is taking a shot at it, if you actually wanted one. The Celio Redfly SIS is pretty much the same thing.

It’s more or less a smartphone with a bigger screen and a keyboard for when you have to do some serious work. The price is a hefty $499, but you’ll have to wait until this month’s CES to discover the release date.

[Product Page] VIA [Electronista]