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Cambridge Audio shows off classy turntable

Posted in Cambridge Audio,Turntables by Nino Marchetti on January 23rd, 2008

Cambridge Audio TT50Cambridge Audio recently revealed a new turntable for those who like the touch and feel of vinyl. It is called the Cambridge Audio TT50 and you’ll find this modern take on a retro device priced at around $500.

The Cambridge Audio TT50 was designed in partnership with turntable manufacturer Pro-Ject. You won’t find any USB ports for ripping your 45s to your computer – this is a plain old turntable like your daddy used to have. It does however sport gold plated phono/RCA connections for connecting to your home A/V receiver.

We can’t really say looking at the tech specifications how well the TT50 will perform – we are more likely to listen to music from our iPods than this. That being said, we do have a few vinyls inherited we might pop on the turntable for a spin. Cambridge Audio says the design “carefully controls resonance and provides matched acoustic impedance to the vinyl record for maximum detail retrieval.” Sounds good to us – available now.

Cambridge Audio TT50

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