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Vista tops PCWorld disappointments list

Posted in Vista,Windows by Darrin Olson on December 17th, 2007

Windows Vista tops PC World top 15 tech dissapointments“No Wow, No How: Windows Vista” titles the number 1 spot on PCWorld’s list of the 15 biggest tech disappointments of the year and we can’t really disagree. Heck, I personally upgraded a machine from XP to Vista earlier this year and was unable to use Internet Explorer on it for months, and I still cannot get Windows Media Player to work correctly with MPEGs.

Just as PCWorld had pointed out there are a lot of cool things in Vista that are an improvement over the previous OS, but it just “…isn’t all that good.” The article goes on to note that hardware incompatibilities seemed to be over the top early on, it runs slower than XP and the new user account controls caused more irritation than a feeling of safety. PCWorld could not finish up the article without at least mentioning that the fastest notebook they tested with Vista running on it was a MacBook. We also cannot refute that Vista will eventually have its dominate day in the sun, but it’s unfortunately not this day.