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Vulcania might be the coolest watch ever

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on December 19th, 2007

Vulcania might be the coolest watch ever

Clearly inspired by Captain Nemo’s adventures, this timepiece from HD3 Complication would look right at home in some steampunk Sci-Fi flick. It is so cool in fact, that only 11 were made apparently. Which seems appropriate. Only some ultra-secret society could have watches this cool.

Very nautical in theme, you can tell the time using the rotating wheel cylinders on the left with the minutes on the sextant-like disc. Each moving section is a work of naval engineering art. All of the working parts can be seen from the front and the rear through sapphire glass panels. Forget gaudy gold, the case is made of titanium and platinum. Whatever the materials, the look of this watch is simply stunning. The price on this beautiful piece of engineering? Well, if you have to ask, you obviously can’t afford it. (I know I can’t.)

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